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How I Can Help You

It takes great strength to reach out for support
Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress can impact all aspects of life including sleep, diet, relationships and physical health.


Depression Treatment

Depression is amongst the most common mental health challenges faced by Canadians.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety issues can severely impact daily life and can include panic, OCD, social anxiety and generalized anxiety.

Self Harm


Self-harming typically begins in the teenage years and can continue on into adulthood.

Social Media & Technology Dependency Therapy

Social Media & Technology Dependency Therapy

There is a difference between balanced and unhealthy when our lives are affected by the emotional, social and psychological impact of our technology use.

Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

It is important for couples at all stages of relationships to learn healthy strategies for working through conflicts.

Family Adjustment Therapy

Family Adjustment Therapy

When families change, it is important to maintain healthy relationships and boundaries to help all members of the family adjust.

Self Esteem & Bullying Counselling

Self-Esteem & Bullying Counselling

Building self-esteem in young people is the best protector against future challenges in relationships, school, work, and mental health.

Children & Youth Therapy

Children & Youth Therapy

Being creative in your approach to therapy allows people of all ages to engage in the process of developing emotional intelligence.

Trauma Therapy

Trauma Therapy

Traumatic experiences left unprocessed can continue to negatively impact your well-being for many years.

Pregnancy/Postpartum Therapy

Pregnancy & Postpartum Therapy

Up to 15% of Canadian women struggle with Postpartum Depression & Anxiety.

Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse & Addictions

Using substances as a way to cope with everyday challenges puts people at risk for developing severe addiction issues.

Gaming Disorder Treatment

Gaming Disorder Treatment

Gaming Disorder occurs when someone is preoccupied with their games despite negative consequences in their school/work, relationships, sleep, nutrition, etc.

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Psychotherapy Services

Providing a comfortable and safe environment where we will work together to achieve your goals
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Narrative Therapy
Art Therapy
Play Therapy
Solution-Focused Therapy
Motivational Interviewing (MI)
Trauma Therapy
Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Mindfulness Therapy
Strength-based Therapy
Feedback-Informed Therapy
Free Consultation
Child, Adolescent and Family Services
Family and Parent Education
Online Video Therapy

Many people struggle to cope when change happens. Reaching out for support is a great way to strengthen your ability to handle change, stress and emotional challenges. I am a registered psychotherapist specializing in working with families, individuals, children, youth and couples. I work with my clients to strengthen and build coping & life skills. I also work with clients to help them process difficult experiences - moving forward towards a healthier and more productive life. I look at clients as the experts in their own lives and use my clinical skills to empower each individual to make positive changes. My role is to support, guide, educate and facilitate healing; and I welcome the opportunity to help you.

Call or email for a free consultation
647-957-7839    meagan.y.wachtel@gmail.com

Meagan Wachtel

Registered Psychotherapist

I earned my Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from OISE at the University of Toronto. I now work as an RP with children, teens, couples and families. In my practice I follow the principles of Integrative Psychotherapy which uses therapy techniques from different approaches and develops treatments that fit the unique needs of each client. I am especially interested in working with young families in offering support and education for both children and parents. I have been working in private practice and organizations as an RP since 2012.

Questions & Concerns

Therapy is very individualized. Typically a person can begin to make positive changes in their life after just a few sessions. Together, we would determine a set of goals in which we work towards. The length of time in therapy is dependent on these personal goals and progress. In general, short term therapy (or brief counselling) is considered to be between 6-12 sessions. Long term therapy work is typically ongoing.

In Canada, any person with the capacity to consent (even under age 16) is able to consent for their own psychotherapy treatment. If a child is unable to consent for his or her self, parental consent is required. Regardless, it is often meaningful to have parents/guardians support a child's therapeutic work. As such, I encourage parents/guardians to attend the first session in order to participate in the consent process. Following consent, based on the child’s comfort, I will often ask the parents/guardians to step out of the room during the therapy sessions. This is to create safety and trust with each child and youth client. Parents/guardians are often invited back in at the end of sessions so that the child or youth may share what they did in session.